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Seriously Injured?

If you have been seriously injured as a result of someone’s negligence, it’s important to get the medical treatment you need but you should also plan on obtaining the legal assistance to deal with the aftermath of a serious injury.

Experienced Help After An Injury

At Khamo Lazar Law, our attorneys can help. We can take the burden of dealing with all the legal details and technicalities with your case, giving you the time to recover and mend. If you have never been seriously injured, you may not realize how overwhelming it can be.

You need to take care of your immediate medical concerns, but there may be long-term effects, which could permanently alter your health, your ability to do your job and your quality of life.

You may have been negligently injured in a car or truck accident, by a dog, a slippery sidewalk or even by an intentional act, such as being attacked in a bar. You may be occupied by the medical treatments, surgeries, dealing with chronic pain, or rehabilitation or physical and occupational therapy,

Avoid Being Taken Advantage Of By Insurance Companies

In addition to these issues, you will need to deal with your insurance company, the responsible party’s insurance company and all of their claims’ personnel and attorneys. Here’s why you want our attorneys representing you in these dealings.

Those people are all professionals; handling insurance claims is what they do for a living. You are not. This places you at a great disadvantage and may allow them to take advantage of you. You may receive inadequate offers, or they may question you in ways designed to lessen their responsibility.

Our attorneys are experienced professionals. We understand their tactics and will aggressively assert your claims, and protect your right to receive the compensation you need after suffering a serious injury due to negligent or intentional acts.

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