Are You Fighting Criminal Charges?

Criminal charges can be devastating to your life. The criminal justice system seems to be built to assume everyone who is charged is guilty and if you don’t fully understand how it works, you can wind up with a conviction on your record that can follow you the rest of your life.

No Criminal Charge Is Ever Minor

A DUI/OWI may seem like a minor offense, but if you are convicted or plead guilty, it can affect the jobs you can obtain, the school loans you are eligible for, where you can live and it can even affect your ability to travel, as nations like Canada prohibit entry to those with DUI convictions.

Drug offense can be even more damaging, especially if there is a distribution or trafficking charge. Our attorneys at Khamo Law, PLLC understand the seriousness of these charges and zealously represent our clients in every case.

Ask For An Attorney And Remain Silent

No good ever comes from speaking with the police. If you have been arrested, don’t “explain” your situation. Stay polite, clearly state you want to speak with an attorney, and then remain silent. Talking with the police will only provide them with more material to use against you in court.

Experience With A Variety Of Criminal Charges

Our attorneys can represent you with a variety of state and federal misdemeanor and felony charges, including:

  • Drug charges (possession, distribution and manufacturing)
  • Retail theft
  • Traffic violations
  • Internet
  • Assault

We work to minimize the damage these charges can do to your life. We understand the long-term consequences of any criminal conviction, and we carefully explain the charges, what the prosecution will attempt to prove, available defenses and potential outcomes, including plea agreements or trial.

For some charges, there may be alternative programs or diversionary options that can lead to a lessening of the charges, probation or in some cases, the dismissal of the charges upon successful competition. We can help you understand how these programs work and the benefits and the risks so that you can make a fully informed decision regarding your case and your future.

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