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  • Getting to know one of Michigan's best auto attorneys: Mohammed A. Khalil

Getting to know one of Michigan's best auto attorneys: Mohammed A. Khalil

Get to Know Attorney Mohammed A. Khalil

We decided to ask one of Michigan's best auto attorney some questions, enjoy!

1. Briefly describe your role at Khamo Law PLLC?

Role? I think that is simple – go-getter. The first one in, literally opened the office today, and usually here locking up the building. Manage an extensive and highly complex no-fault personal injury claims docket of cases, while juggling other legal hats well and being a team leader by helping out with coverage any way I can.

2. What made you go into Auto Law?

2nd Year in Law School, married father of one boy, I was looking for legal employment to increase my legal credibility on my resume. Got in touch with my law school's employment aid clinic, which was run by attorneys (pro bono), who landed me a job at “Varjabedian Law”. Koro worked there as a clerk as well. We met and became friends ever since.

3. What are some of your greatest challenges and accomplishments?

I believe that challenges and accomplishments are alike. A challenge may involve a problem that you never solve, but an accomplishment does not solve the problem(s) that life constantly throws at you. I work extremely hard at what I do, I love what I do, and, coincidentally, I have many, many, more accomplishments than challenges I can’t solve. The only accomplishment, work-wise, is truly loving what you do.  Personally, the greatest accomplishment I can have are my three children/boys – Asad (11), Danny (8), and Yousef (7).

4. What are your hobbies or current side projects that you have going on?

Hobbies – Sports, Martial Arts, Fishing, Camping, Going to the Range, Seeking Good Restaurants, Vacationing, and Exercise (yes it has become a hobby). Current side project - working internationally with our neighbors to the north (Canada), who have trucking companies that transact business and commute in Michigan and other states. They always need an attorney for FMCSA work, tickets, and other complex issues. Building international clientele is key in the business realm of today’s society. Also, fixing/upgrading my mountain bike to go on rides and trails up north.

5. What is the best way for people to connect with you?

Email. I answer all my emails, diligently and daily. I always have access to my email.