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  • Our very own auto accident paralegal is stepping up the legal ladder!

Our very own auto accident paralegal is stepping up the legal ladder!

At Khamo Law we create an atmosphere for our employees to grow and love the law. We were pleased that our David Zoma, our auto accident paralegal, is going to lawschool! We decided to ask him a few questions regarding his experience at Khamo Law. 

What is your current role at Khamo Law PLLC? Do you help any attorneys with auto accident cases?

My current role at Khamo Law is paralegal to attorney Mohammed Khalil. My duties includes handling auto accident lawsuits and 3rd party provider lawsuits. I also draft legal documents and handle the case load for attorney Khalil.

What are your future plans?

I plan on finishing law school and start practicing law with a focus on criminal law and personal injury.

How did Khamo Law inspire you to go to law school?

My decision to become an attorney came before starting my role at Khamo Law, but being a part of this law firm assured that I was making the right decision to go to law school, due to the surrounding leadership and mentorship that is included within my role as a paralegal.

What areas of law most interest you? Are you interested in personal injury/auto law? 

Areas that most interest me are personal injury (including auto accident law), criminal defense and entertainment law.

What will you take with you from your experience at Khamo Law?

The two most important takeaways that I have gained from Khamo Law is to be professional and courteous to all parties and professionals involved to build trust and relationship that can be useful for you and/or your client. The second and biggest takeaway that I observed from all attorneys at Khamo law have been the trust of their clients due to the attorney's availability, and honesty that is displayed with every client that walks through the law firm doors, making our clients feel like they are the only case we are handling.